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    Texting with Intention

    Who hasn’t opened a text message or read a comment on social media and wondered what was the tone of the sender? Was the message intended to be playful and joking/j or something a little more serious/srs? This ambiguity baked into our messages can lead to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and even ruptures in our relationships. 

    We find ourselves stewing over how to reply. Do we match perceived aggression with aggression? Is that a hint of sarcasm we detect? How do we know!? Or, even worse, how will they know? Were our attempts at playful flirtation read as far too platonic/p or even sarcastic/s?

    Is there an easier way to communicate tone and intention via text!?

    These are murky waters we wade in as we navigate life from behind the keyboard. There is no body language or facial expressions to be used as metrics of intention, only the stoic 12 pt font of Times New Roman. These waters are even murkier for our neurodivergent friends and family members who often have difficulty deciphering sarcasm/s from joking/j or genuine curiosity/g.

    What if I told you there was an easy way to prevent these text-related catastrophes? Tone indicators allow us to do just that. They provide us with the virtual cues needed to add meaning to the subtext and avoid unnecessary angst over the intention. 

    Here’s how to be clear on tone and intention via text!

    I’m sure by now that you have noticed this post is peppered with tone indicators. They are simple additions to the end of our sentences or messages that allow the reader to interpret your voice as you intended, leaving little room for that anxious worry that can bubble up for us when we see that we’ve got mail.

    With just a few extra keystrokes on your messages, you are able to save both yourself and others from misunderstanding your texts or posts on social media. We are a global community connected through technology. By adding a few simple characters we can eliminate that ambiguity and communicate with those around us in a much more effective way/pos.

    Show me the way… Click down here for more examples!