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    Welcome my queer folks!

    Affirming psychotherapy.  

    As a cis straight woman, I cannot pretend to know your struggles. I have gotten metaphorically slapped on the face when my biases have crept up into the room. It’s interesting how we hold so many identities and how they intersect in a matrix of privileges and challenges. I hold the privilege of being a straight cis woman in a heteronormative and binary society while I face the challenges of being an immigrant woman of color in a foreign country. That same society that makes it easy for me also makes it hard for me. It feels contradictory and even conflicting at times to try to make sense of it all. Who are we, how do we fit in, and what’s our place in this world?

    In therapy, we like to have open and raw discussions with our clients about these struggles so that we can, together, try to figure out how to do this thing we call life. Answers to existential questions may take a lifetime, but answers to living a more meaningful, genuine, true to you, present moment, can be tackled right away.

    Here for you 🙂