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    We help busy professional women overcome burnout and live a balanced, guilt-free life!

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    Together We Can Tackle What’s Holding You Back

    Feeling stuck? Living in autopilot and zombie like mode? Like an immense force is dragging you down? Feeling like all you do is push trough, day in and day out, and life has been reduced to work and chores? You:

    • Are busy and exhausted.
    • Wonder when decisions are not going to seem too big and overwhelming A.K.A decision fatigue.
    • Are filled with second-guessing, and infinite amount of worry (It can be very scary to navigate through uncertainty and not know what the future holds).
    • Want more out of life. You have big dreams
    • Question whether this is just normal or if it’s anxiety, depression, burnout, or all of the above because…hello to your new baseline.

    I founded Goal Mentality to let you know that it’s possible to live the life you want. How?

    Together we will:

    • Identify what’s holding you back (if it gets to the point of unveiling the unconscious, we will).
    • Tackle those roadblocks (I’m all about problem solving and solution focus. I’m direct).
    • Lay the groundwork for change (My favorite part, I’ll teach you the skills, I’ll push and support you in the process).

    Goal Mentality is about setting intentional mindsets. It’s about figuring out your goals and reaching for them. Let’s set your mind to believe, achieve, and succeed.

    It’s time to make your own happiness happen. 

    Our Values

    We strive to pursue excellence in mental health care in the context of a multidisciplinary and diverse team that relies on collaboration, transparent communication, and genuine human connection to ensure the well-being of our clients and staff.

    About our team

    Our multidisciplinary dream team of counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrist comes together to conveniently offer both therapy & medication services in-house. They are experts in treating mood disorders and helping you get over burnout.

    They’re cool too!