• 10 Signs of Depression

    Enduring sadness

    Depression is characterized by an enduring sense of sadness, which inhabits the mind completely. Depressed individuals feel a sense of utter hopelessness and defeat as if life is completely meaningless.

    Self-loathing attitude

    Many depressed individuals direct their misery inwards, blaming their own self for everything that does not meet their expectation. They become extremely self-critical and doubt their ability to achieve anything at all.

    Lost of interest in activities

    Many dealing with depression find it difficult to be suitably involved in routine activities at work, home or elsewhere. Weighed Down by their sadness, they cannot bring themselves to concentrate and engage in any task.

    Irritability and isolation

    Many dealing with depression lose their social bearings & are unable to act in a socially appropriate manner. They are irritable in their interaction with others-no matter who they are; their family, friend, or boss even.


    Low self-worth coupled with the inability to do anything productive or even engage with others socially, leads individuals to become anxious. They worry about their personal and professional future; that they are likely to fail at both.

    Loss of energy

    Fatigue and lack of energy are typically witnessed in depressed individuals. Their sense of defeat is so severe that they do not feel capable of accomplishing even the smallest tasks.

    Disturbed sleep patterns

    In some cases they develop insomnia. More often, people tend to sleep excessively, staying in bed for an unhealthy amount of time.

    Change in appetite and body weight

    Both complete lack of hunger & excessive binge eating, are very common. The corresponding changes in body weight either lead to significant weight loss or massive weight gain.

    Reckless behavior

    With depression, one’s regular behavioral patterns & tendencies get altered. Even the most cautious individuals may indulge in reckless, unthinking activity.

    Suicidal tendencies

    Perhaps the most telling and dangerous symptom of depression. People with this mood disorder spend a great amount of time thinking about self-harm.

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