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    Medication Management

    If you are interested in or considering utilizing medication to manage depressed or anxious mood, insomnia, nightmares, low energy, lack of motivation, or any other mental health related symptoms, then you may want to consider seeking our psychiatric care services. There is a lot of research supporting that the combination of both therapy and medications tends to lead to better outcomes.

    Psychiatrists are medical physicians who possess the expertise to safely prescribe and monitor medications such as antidepressants. These individuals will have an MD or DO following their names and will be able to rule out potential medical causes of your mental health symptoms. 

    There remains a significant amount of misinformation surrounding medications for mental health. Our psychiatrists will be able to have an open dialogue regarding the mechanism of action, as well as the risks and potential benefits of medication initiation so that you are able to make the most informed decision regarding your mental health care. Perhaps the concept of utilizing medication to treat your mood is alarming to you. Our psychiatrists take their time to ease all your concerns and dispel myths during your initial evaluation.

    The search for a mental health provider can be an intimidating and confusing endeavor. Our team is held to the utmost values of excellence and it is here to guide you through the process of getting help. Whether you need therapy, medication or both, we got you. 

    Dr. Shawn Kirby, DO